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Starfleet Ribbons

light blue Grankite Order of Tactics
rose-red Legion of Honor
dark blue with white 3-pointed star Medal of Honor
cream Palm Leaf of the Axanar Peace Mission
dark brown Prentaries Ribbon of Commendation
white Silver Palm
pink Starfleet Command Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry
medium green Starfleet Command Citation for Valour
red Starfleet Command Decoration for Honor and Gallantry
dark blue Starfleet Command Decoration for Valour
sky blue Starfleet Command Honor Roll
aqua Starfleet Surgeon's Decoration
purple Starfleet Wound Decoration
brown ?
dark green ?
light blue with red 3-pointed star ?
light green ?
violet ?
yellow with red 3-pointed star ?

Ribbon Devices

black star outline Cluster (highest form of award)
red triangles (facing in) Class of Excellence
single gold triangle First Class of an Award
red 'Z' or 'N' shape ?


Karagite Order of Heroism

Information about the ribbons and ribbon devices comes from Bjo Trimble's "Star Trek Concordance".



Last updated: Juli 05, 2005