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Rank insignia

Admiral's rank insignia are worn on both sides of the collar. Line officer's rank and enlisted rate insignia are worn on right side of the collar.

Commissioned personnel

Fleet Admiral  
Adm. T'Lara
DS9 Rules of Engagement
Vice Admiral
VAdm. J.P. Hanson
TNG The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Rear Admiral (upper half)
RAdm. (uh) Brand
TNG The First Duty
Rear Admiral (lower half)  
Capt. Edward Jellico
TNG Chain of Command, Part 1
Cmdr. Shelby
TNG The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
Lieutenant Commander

Lt. Cmdr. Worf
Star Trek: Generations


Lt. Jadzia Dax

Lieutenant Junior Grade

Lt. JG Julian S. Bashir


Ens. Robin Lefler
TNG The Game

Enlisted personnel

Master Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer

SCPO Miles E. O'Brien
DS9 Shadowplay

CPO Brossmer
The Next Phase
Petty Officer 1st class
Petty Officer 2nd class
Petty Officer 3rd class

Crewman 1st class
Crewman 2nd class
Crewman 3rd class

no insignia

CM1 Simon Tarses
TNG The Drumhead

Cadets 1)

Cadet 1st class
Cadet Nicholas Locarno
TNG The First Duty
Cadet 2nd class
Cadet Jean Hajar
TNG The First Duty
Cadet 3rd class
Cadet Wesley R. Crusher
TNG The First Duty
Cadet 4th class *

Provisional officers

Captain *
Commander *
Lieutenant Commander
Lt. Cmdr. Chakotay
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lt. JG Belanna Torres
Ens. Seska
Chief Petty Officer  
Crewman *


1) In 2372, cadets did not wear any rank insignia.



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