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United Earth Starfleet

Starfleet Command Starfleet Command
Starfleet Security
Created by Shisma
Starship Enterprise NX-01

Enterprise NX-01

Starship Columbia NX-02
Starship Intrepid
Courtesy of Alidar Jarok
Tycho Base
Created by Shisma
Cold Station 12 Cold Station 12
United Earth Diplomatic Corps
Mission Control Center Mission Control Centre
NX Project
(worn on pressure suits)
Starfleet Mission Control
(worn on pressure suits)

Earth Cargo Service

E.C.S. Fortunate ECS Fortunate
E.C.S. Horizon ECS Horizon


Annotations & Trivia:

  • The Starfleet Command logo first appeared in "Shadows of P'Jem" on a flag outside of Starfleet Headquarters. It was first used on a patch in "First Flight". In the 2160s, all Starfleet personnel wore the Starfleec Command patch on the right upper arm as seen in "These Are the Voyages...". The Latin motto translates as "To the stars through hardships". Patch design and motto pay homage to the insignia/motto of NASA.
  • The patch of Starfleet's Security Division appeared in the episode "Affliction".
  • The patch of the Starship Enterprise first appeared in the pilot "Broken Bow".
  • The patch of the Starship Columbia first appeared in the episode "Home". The ship's motto is Latin for "Fortune favours the bold".
  • The patch of Tycho Base appared in the episode "First Flight". It was seen on a wall in the 602 Club.
  • The patch of Coldstation 12 appeared in the episode "Borderland".
  • The patch of the United Earth Diplomatic Corps appered in the episode "The Forge".
  • The patch of the Starship Intrepid appeared in the episode "The Expanse". It was created by Mike Okuda and pays homage to the patch of the United States Navy Essex-class carrier USS Intrepid CVS-11. The ship's motto is Latin for "In the Sea In Heaven".
  • The patch of the Mission Control Center appeared in the episode "Silent Enemy" where it was worn by a friend of Lt. Malcolm Reed. Mike Okuda originally created this logo for the Mission Control Center of NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston.
  • The NX Project and Starfleet Mission Control patches appeared in the episode "First Flight" and were worn on the pressure suits. The Latin motto on the Mission Control patch translates as "Achievement through excellence".
  • The patch of the ECS Fortunate appeared in the episode "Fortunate Son" where it was worn on the right upper arms of the crew jackets.
  • The patch of the ECS Horizon appeared in the episode "Horizon". Like the Fortunate patch it was worn on the crew jackets.



Last updated: November 13, 2006