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Starfleet Ranks & Rates

Commissioned officers

Fleet Admiral    
Vice Admiral VAdm n/a
VAdm. Maxwell Forrest
ENT Broken Bow
Rear Admiral   n/a
RAdm. Daniel Leonard
ENT Broken Bow
Commodore Cdre n/a
Cdre. Maxwell Forrest
ENT First Flight
Captain   Capt n/a
Capt. Jonathan Archer
Commander   n/a
Cmdr. Charles Tucker
Lieutenant   n/a
Lt. Malcolm Reed
Ensign   n/a
Ens. Hoshi Sato

Enlisted personnel

Master Chief Petty Officer    
Senior Chief Petty Officer    
Chief Petty Officer    
Petty Officer 1st class    
Petty Officer 2nd class      
Crewman 1st class   n/a
CN1 Elizabeth Cutler
Crewman 2nd class   n/a
CN2 Ethan Novakovich
Crewman 3rd class   n/a
CN3 Daniels
Crewman 4th class   n/a
CN4 Fletcher


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Last updated: Dezember 13, 2006